zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

Absolutely Free Festival 2010 @ C-mine Genk

 King Charles

Fotoverslag : Absolutely Free Festival

Met : King Charles (UK),
         The Bony King Of Nowhere,
         The Sedan Vault,
         Pitchtuner (D/JPN),
         Marble Sounds,
         The Black Atlantic (USA/NL),
         Het Gloren (NL),
         Drums Are For Parades,
         The Flying Horseman,
         The Rott Childs,
         The Brothers Deere,
         The Boiler Men,
         Sir Yes Sir,
         The Catatonics,
         Tequila Waitress,
         The Well-Bred Hippoes,
         Swamp Captain,
         Six Hands

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